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John Maros Photo & Design - June's Sponsor of the Month

Photography has always been a big part of John Maros' life, whether it be grabbing his Dad's Kodak 110 on a family vacation or getting his very first removable lens Minolta 400si in 1987. Early on in his 35mm days he would burn through film at a crazy pace, and while other kids were saving money for other things, he was spending it on film, lenses and developing.

His photography roots are in action sports, with close ties to the JetSki and Motocross racing worlds. Over the years as life has changed so has his photographic direction. John loves to capture his kids and their friends at sporting events or just catch a game to practice his craft. While he loves getting action shots, he also tries to catch the in between moments and let the photos tell a story of any said match or game. Landscape and Portrait photography have become an integral part of what John does also. Whether it be taking an outdoor scene and turning it into something wall worthy or snapping senior portraits letting the subject's personality shine through in every capture, taking photos is what he loves.

You can see some of John's work at and he is also on Instagram and Facebook

Also here are just a few photos and banners from John's portfolio

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